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Spot-Type Heat Fire Detector(JTW-A2R-EI6013)
Product Overview:

1).Epoxy sealed NTC thermistor, and the A2 detectors of temperature differences. The operating temperature is set up by the fire alarm controller, which can be individually or uniformly adjusted based on specific conditions, the testing accuracy is ±1℃. 

2).Software is enhanced in anti-jamming measures, interruptions that are different from actual fire hazards will be blocked by the software.

●Electronically addressed, unique ID, can be addressed by controller or hand held programmer,
         automatic log in, easy for installation and commissioning.
       ●Fire LED allows 360° viewing.
       ●Software specially strengthened anti-jamming measures, all with the actual fire to heat up the case
         of interference by different software screen.
       ●Can detect sensor fault (short circuit or open circuit), the failure rate is low, long service life.

· Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +50 ℃

· Working humidity: ≤95% RH (No condensation of moisture)

· Working wire voltage: DC24V Pulsating voltage

· Operating temperature: 56℃~ 66℃ (56℃ by default)

.Alarm indicating lamp:Red,flickers during routing inspection,keeps lighting during alarming 

· Standby current: <0.35mA

· Alarming current: <0.8mA

· Monitoring area: 20m2

· Wiring system: Two-wire bus, non-polarized

· Bus length: ≤2000m

· Cleaning of detector: Rotatable, detachable

· Color: EI White

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