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Acousto-Optic Fire Alarm(J-EI6085)
Product Overview:

Acousto-optic fire alarm is on-site acousto-optic alarming device which is in compliance with requirements of GB26851-2011, and is able to receive the order to start sent by the   fire alarm controller (linkage-type) through bus, and it then flickers strong light periodically and tuned fire alarm to attract attention of people on-site.

· Electronically encoded with only one ID; online addressing by controller or addressing by encoder; automatic log-in, convenient installation and debugging.

· Shut-off detection.

·Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +55 ℃; relative humidity: ≤95% RH (No condensation of moisture)

·Bus voltage: 24V Pulsating voltage; supply voltage: DC 24V±1015%

· Bus standby current: <0.5mA; operating current: ≤1.5mA

· Supply standby current: ≤ 1mA; operating current: ≤75mA (means value)

· Pressure level of alarm: 3m right ahead 75dB~95dB (A-weighting)

· Tuning cycle: 1.5s~2.5s

· Flickering frequency: 1Hz~1.5Hz

· Classification: Indoor (for non-residential buildings)

· Bus (non-polarized) length: ≤2000m

· Wiring system: Two-wire bus (non-polarized), power supply (non-polarized)

· Protection level of casing: IP30

· Casing material & color: ABS; red

· Pitch-row of the base: 54mm ~78mm

· Carried standard: GB26851-2011 Fire Acoustic and / or Optic Alarm


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