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Hydrant Button(J-SAP- EI6024)
Product Overview:

J-SAP- EI6024 type fire hydrant button built-in CPU and intelligent software, through the bus to send the fire alarm and fire alarm controller and pump control signal lights "start" lights, and according to the feedback signal lights the fire pump "answer" indicator. The built-in button switch can be operated by mechanical device to make the movement and self-locking, through the special key to reset button; with a normally open contact, and start the fire pump, when starting the parts under pressure, contact closure. It meets the requirements of national standard GB16806-2006 "fire fighting linkage control system" and is stable and reliable.

.Electronic code, unique ID, controller, online address or encoder set address, automatic login.

.The original rotary structure is easy to install.

.Use private key reset.

.The "answer" lamp can be lit by the fire alarm controller or directly lit by the external 24V according  to the running state of the fire pump.

.Support for digital bus protocol.


.Use ambient temperature: -10°C~+55°C,  

.Use ambient humidity: < 95%RH (no condensation)  

.Operating voltage: bus 24V, pulsating voltage,  

.Internal key contact capacity: DC24V/0.1A

.Monitor current: < 0.35mA                  

.Bus length: ≤2000m

.Alarm current: < 0.85mA                   

.Line system: two-wire system, non- polarity

.Enclosure protection level: IP30


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