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DH9251/B Series Multi-Line Fire Telephone Host
Product Overview:

With perfect detection measures, when the connection line between the host and the extension and telephone jack is disconnected, the host can indicate the fault location and give sound and light alarm.

• The host and extension can call each other and have full duplex calls. The multi-party can talk, and the host can call the 2 part machine or the 2 part machine at the same time to call the host and talk to it. The host hands-free call.

• It has the function of recording and displaying the call and response time; and can query and display the records of 100 host and extension calls and response time.

• Advanced digital recording technology for high reliability, long life and automatic recording of calls.

• With self-test function, it can detect display and sounding devices.


• Working environment: temperature 0 ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity less than 95% RH(no-condensation)

• Power supply: DC24V±10%; working current: ≤1A

• Voice response: 300~3400Hz (±3dB)

• Transmission attenuation: ≤5dB

• Line conditions: extension loop resistance (without telephone) ≤300Ω; insulation resistance between lines ≥20kΩ; line capacitance ≤0.7μF

• Bus length: ≤ 1000 meters

• Recording time: more than 20 minutes

• Capacity: 8 doors, 16 doors, 20 doors, 40 doors are optional external structure


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